Turn your passion into action. Our Community Foundation offers a variety of giving tools to help people achieve their charitable goals. Most charitable gifts quality for maximum tax advantage under federal law. Choose immediate support for the community or a lasting legacy for a cause. Please call 970-243-3767 for more information on gifts and assets.

Bray Cares Grant Presentation

What I have is not enough by itself, but the Community Foundation lets me put my assets in a common pool to benefit the whole community.

~ Bill R.


Western Colorado Community Foundation funds can be distributed in various ways. Primarily our funds are defined as Endowed and Non-Endowed.

Endowed Funds

These funds are invested for growth, with a portion of the income accessible for grantmaking. Donors with a longer-term vision typically establish this type of fund to achieve lasting community impact. Other benefits include membership in the Legacy Society and the ability to name children as a second generation of advisors.

Minimum balance: $5,000
Administrative fee: 1% annually

Endowment is invested with an approved investment manager.

Non-Endowed Funds

Donors often use this type of fund to simplify their annual giving to nonprofits or to become more familiar with the Foundation. The full balance is available for grantmaking at any time to support your favorite causes.

Minimum balance: $5,000
Administrative fee: 1% annually

Funds are not invested, and all income is retained by the Foundation.