Presented by CNA in partnership with the Community Impact Council and the Western Colorado Community Foundation

When:   Thursday | July 7, 2016 | 9:00 am – 11:00 am |

Where:  The Garden Room at the Commons at Hilltop – 625 27 ½ Road

RSVP:   To Tedi at 243-3767 or by Thursday, June 30th

$10.00 for CIC and CNA members payable to WCCF at the door            

Presenter: Mary McClatchey, J. D., WorkSmart

This session will provide an overview of the newest Department of Labor ruling related to employee overtime and the considerations nonprofits must assume as they prepare and manage their organizational budgets related to employee cost. During this two way conversation, participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions as they prepare to implement the rule.

Learning Objectives:

Participants in this session will receive answers to the following questions, plus a toolkit for achieving FLSA compliance and assuring your agency budget and employee morale don’t suffer:

  1. Is my organization covered under the overtime law? (enterprise coverage)
  2. If not, are individual employees covered? (individual coverage)
  3. Assuming some employees are covered, earn less than $47,764, and work over 40 hours per week, what are our options? Should we reclassify some employees? Shift duties or work hours among employees? Raise salaries or modify salary structure? What factors should I consider in examining these options?
  4. What exactly is compensable work time under the FLSA?
  5. How can we as an organization work more efficiently? Should we re-examine our email and smart phone protocols and 24/7 work culture? If so, how can we do this to maximize compliance, morale and work quality?
  6. How can we maintain workplace flexibility for nonexempt employees? Can we still use comp time?
  7. How can we lead our organization through this transition with transparency, trust, and accountability?

Presenter Bio: Judge (Ret.) Mary McClatchey –