Mark your calendars, everybody!

CRC’s State of the Sector meeting is coming up. This unique occasion for nonprofit leaders, elected officials, stakeholders, and sector supporters to reflect on the current state of the Colorado nonprofit sector is a must-see. Additionally, the event fosters discussion of opportunities for the upcoming year.
CRC wants to create chances, tools, and strategies to develop nonprofits and community groups to strengthen Colorado. A strong nonprofit network promotes positive change and connects communities. Correspondingly, caring connected communities support each other.
This networking event welcomes attendees into CRC’s mission; including capacity building, stakeholder diversification, and best-practice education.

Interested parties, please join CRC.
This even includes:

* Intentional networking opportunities
* Celebration of our sector’s work
* Curated discussions with change-makers in our field
* Presentation of the Community Trailblazer Awards

This event will be held on December 3, 2019 (sooner than you think), from 2:30-5:30 in the afternoon.
The venue is Studious at Overland Crossing in Denver.
Registration costs $40 for the early birds and $55 for everyone else.

State of the Sector isn’t open yet, but keep up-to-date with CRC here.
Learn more about some of the organizations serving in Western Colorado here.