About San Juan County Community Fund (SJCCF)

The San Juan Community Fund (SCCF) is a charitable investment account to benefit the people of San Juan County. Community-minded donors can make contributions of any size. Funds are used to support local nonprofit organizations and community improvement projects through a competitive grants application process.

A local steering committee made up of community leaders reviews grant applications and makes decisions once a year. Funds are distributed by November, and can be used for projects the following year.

Our donors share a connection to the place they live and a commitment to make their community better. The San Juan community does not have a community-wide funding vehicle like a United Way. The Western Colorado Community Foundation has partnered with SJCCF to create such a vehicle. It is also a permanent charitable endowment that distributes its earnings each year into the community and will continue for generations to come.

Since its establishment in 2018, the San Juan County Community Fund has distributed $58,500. in grants to nonprofits.

Citizens state bank is a proud funding partner of SJCCF.

The San Juan County Community Fund is closed for grant applications for 2022. It will re-open in the fall of 2023.