Resiliency and Wellness

Our Community Foundation has been working with partners to help children and youth be safe online and resilient in the face of the increasing new challenges of modern life. From the very real and documented negative impacts of social media, including cyberbullying, excessive screen time, and video game addiction, to the increase in isolation, anxiety and depression, worsened  by the pandemic (including increased grief and loss), our youth are struggling in ever increasing numbers with mental health challenges.  Explore our work with partners to address this issue by helping children, teens and families learn strategies be well and build resilience.


In 2012, our Community Foundation granted funding as part of our 20th Anniversary Impact Grants to CyberStrong, a pilot project developed as a collaboration between Hilltop Community Resources, Mesa County Valley School District 51, the Mesa County Libraries, and our Foundation, in order to find concrete solutions to counteract the negative impacts of the growing dependence of children and teens on the cyber world and social media. The effort has been led and facilitated by Elizabeth Clark, MA, a therapist for teens for thirty years, who has studied the effects of the internet on children’s development for over a decade. Through community and classroom presentations, and a series on Neuro Strength (link to full videos), Elizabeth gives teens, families and communities the tools to build “brain resilience” to stay on regulated and safe in an increasingly dysregulated and challenging world.

E.Clark’s NeuroStrengh vidoes

Regulation Station / Focused Kids 

A pilot program developed by Elizabeth Clark and funded by our Community Foundation for District 51 elementary schools. This project helps teachers understand and use strategies to help children focus and be “ready to learn”.  The approach is based on the Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) and engages students in understanding how they can self-regulate and help each other focus for best learning.

Rocky Mountain Public Broadcast Systems  

Our Community Foundation partners with Rocky Mountain Public Broadcast Systems to create and produce public service spots to help kids and families understand and stay safe and healthy in our increasingly online world.

Other partners and projects to build resiliency and wellness include:

  • FocusedKids: Garfield County (link to website and explanation)
  • Postvention Alliance/Western Slope Youth Voices (link to movie and magazines)


Getting Youth Outside  

A goal of our Community Foundation to connect all children and youth to public parks, outdoor recreation, and access to the ample resources we enjoy in western Colorado.  Nature and the outdoors are proven wellness strategies for children and adults alike.