“Our donors can have confidence their endowment donations will be well managed and invested to grow over time.  We can focus on our mission and leave the investing decisions to the pros.”  – Marillac Clinic

Agency Endowments

Our Community Foundation specializes in building and managing charitable endowments for community good. This mission includes managing endowment funds entrusted to us by nonprofit organizations in our region. These are also referred to as “agency funds” and have special IRS rules and accounting standards.

Nonprofit organizations establish endowment funds to provide a permanent source of funding for their operations and programs. An important benefit of endowment funds is that they generate income through all economic climates and can be of great assistance during times of economic uncertainty. Every dollar earned from endowment investment is one less dollar that the organization needs to raise from grants and donations.

We work in partnership with smaller and mid-sized nonprofits that have limited time or expertise in the area of endowments and planned giving. These nonprofits rely on us for professional investment expertise and oversight of their funds. They also gain significant advantages being in a larger pool of funds for investment purposes. We are happy to meet with nonprofit staff or board members who are considering an endowment. Our staff and board members are available to provide technical assistance to nonprofit staff members or board committees in planning and building their endowment, reviewing marketing materials, and meeting with prospective endowment donors as appropriate.

For more information, please see our Agency Endowments FAQ’s , or call WCCF at (970) 243-3767 for an appointment.

D51 Foundation

D51 Foundation LogoIn February 2015 the Mesa County School District’s foundation, D51 Foundation, voted to establish an endowment with our Community Foundation. D51 Foundation was established several years ago in response to significant budget cuts in order to attract additional funds to improve student learning. The board wants to encourage people who care about public education to consider naming WCCF/D51 Foundation Endowment in their will or estate plans. This “extra” funding can help the District introduce new technologies and expand student learning above and beyond what government funding provides.

Click here to learn more about the D51 Foundation.

Grand Junction Symphony Foundation

GJ Symphony Foundation LogoThe Grand Junction Symphony Foundation, formerly the Grand Junction Musical Arts Association Trust, was the first local nonprofit organization to establish an agency endowment fund with our Community Foundation back in 1997. Their mission is to raise money and build an endowment to support the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra. Now, two decades later, both foundations are working together to continue to build a permanent endowment to support the symphonic arts. Our Community Foundation will manage the almost million dollars of the Symphony Foundation’s long-term assets and provide its board and donors with planned giving expertise. The Symphony Foundation will continue to organize annual fundraising events and raise awareness about supporting the local symphony orchestra. “For us, the partnership makes so much sense,” notes Adele Suydam, President of the Grand Junction Symphony Foundation. “We are a board of volunteers who love the symphony but have limited time and expertise with complex estate gifts. We are pooling our assets with the Community Foundation’s large investment pool which costs us very little in fees and takes the worry of monitoring investment managers off our plate.” Community Foundation Vice Chairman and symphony lover, Mike Sewell, “I’m delighted to see the Symphony Foundation partner with the Community Foundation. Our symphony is such a great asset for our community. People don’t realize that ticket sales only cover about 30% of the operating budget. I hope we can build a large endowment and provide for a very stable funding future.”

Click here to learn more about the Symphony Foundation.

Hilltop Community Resources

Hilltop LogoEstablished in 1950, Hilltop Community Resources – most commonly referred to as simply Hilltop – provides a broad and diversified range of human services to individuals of all ages in our community. After 65 years of serving the community, Hilltop started a permanent endowment with our Community Foundation in 2018. Hilltop’s annual budget is large and the organization receives a lot of government contract funding and reimbursement for services. Charitable foundation and individual support are very important for providing top notch care for patients and the flexibility to introduce new programs and services needed in the community. Notes Hilltop CEO Mike Stahl, “So many families are thankful for what we provide their loved ones. We want to encourage families who have benefited from our services to consider supporting us so we will be here for others in the future. The partnership with the Community Foundation allows us to encourage this kind of self-sustaining support.”

Learn more about Hilltop here.

Roice Hurst

Roice-Hurst LogoIn April of 2017, Roice-Hurst Executive Director, Anna Stout, and her board of directors established endowment to support their animal care programs in perpetuity. After many years of struggling financially, the humane society is now in excellent shape and looking to offer more donation opportunities to its many loyal supporters. “An endowment is the last piece of our comprehensive fundraising plan. We have loyal donors who give annually. We have a very successful annual fundraising event. What we want to do next is encourage our long-time supporters to include Roice-Hurst in their wills and estate plans. We have set up an initial endowment of $50,000 with the Community Foundation and hope to build it to over $1 million by 2022.”

The partnership is thematically apropos; as Anna Stout put it: “Having an endowed fund at the Community Foundation makes us feel like we are here to stay. Our work involves providing “forever homes” for abandoned cats and dogs. Now we have a forever fund – an endowment – that will support our mission of promoting bonds between pets and their people, now and well into the future.”

Learn more about the Roice-Hurst Humane Society here.

Sharing Ministries

Sharing Ministries LogoIn 2018, after completing and opening a new warehouse and distribution center in Montrose, the board of Sharing Ministries decided to establish an endowment with our community foundation to build a permanent funding source to sustain their operations. Sharing Ministries is the regional hub providing both wholesale bulk food and retail food supplies to qualified persons and 40 hunger relief nonprofits in five counties. This collaboration promises to aid in hunger relief efforts for many years to come.

To learn more about Sharing Ministries, click here.