Last year, our Community Foundation started working with a new donor when he established a donor-advised fund to support a number of local organizations. The donor, who wants to remain anonymous, made a significant contribution to the Western Region One Source Center in honor of his two deceased brothers who also served in the military. He wants to do more to support fellow veterans in western Colorado and honor their service to our country. To do this, he has established a field-of-interest fund – the Trutta Fund to Support Veterans.

If you google “Trutta,” photos of a World War II submarine pop up. Our donor served in the U.S. Navy and was aboard the submarine USS Trutta for several years in the late 1960s. He remembers those years of service with great pride. “They have a new motto for the Navy: Forged by the Sea. That motto rings true to me. I signed up for the Navy when I was 19 years old and was just a young man. I had been looking for a job and found one that changed my life and outlook forever. It taught me pride in my country, family and fellow servicemen. It taught me to be a better human being. I am so glad I found my direction in the service and would enlist all over again.”

Our donor wants to help those who proudly served our country. “I have friends who have physical disabilities and emotional scars who could use some extra support. By establishing this fund, I hope to provide additional funds to help our veterans in need. Even small amounts can impact their lives.”

Notes Mike Sewell, WCCF Board Chairman who also served in the Navy and lived on a submarine for months at a time, “What an incredibly generous gift this is. I know this will be appreciated by the men and women who served their country so ably. A big thank you to our new donor for his generosity!”

The Trutta Fund will have $70,000 to distribute in grants to local organizations who provide support services to veterans and their families in western Colorado. Grant funding will be available in early June.  For more information, visit grantmaking.

Additional donations to the Trutta Fund are always welcome.
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