From the Sentinel article by Sam Klomhaus:

The Mesa County Hunger Alliance and the Western Colorado Community Foundation celebrated the release of the Mesa County Blueprint to End Hunger on Thursday.

Anne Wenzel, president and CEO of the Western Colorado Community Foundation, said the blueprint is comprehensive and specific to this time and place. Wenzel said the document is intended to lead to practical steps toward ending hunger in Mesa County. “We don’t want this document sitting on the shelf collecting the proverbial dust,” Wenzel said.

The blueprint includes five goals: develop a short-term hunger relief system, maximize enrollment in food assistance programs, increase the amount of high-quality foods available for those who are hungry, expand grocery rescue and food recovery efforts; and increase public awareness about hunger’s effects on the larger community in western Colorado.

Erin Ulric, implementation director of the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger Program Office, said the COVID-19 pandemic impacted people’s abilities to make a living and put food on the table, which makes a plan like this more important than ever. “The problem we have to solve is potentially much bigger than it was two years ago,” Ulric said. Ulric said Mesa County has been one of the counties on the forefront of this issue in Colorado.

The Community Foundation received a planning grant in October, 2018 to begin the process of developing the blueprint, which is intended to be used as a tool by local organizations and community members over the next five years…

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Check out the Mesa County Blueprint to End Hunger here.