Roice-Hurst Humane Society Establishes Endowment.  

Roice-Hurst Executive Director, Anna Stout, and her board of directors have a dream: to build a million dollar endowment to support their animal care programs in perpetuity. After many years of struggling financially, the humane society is in excellent financial shape and looking to offer more donation opportunities to its many loyal donors.

“An endowment is the last piece of our comprehensive fundraising plan.  We have loyal donors who give annually. We have a very successful annual fundraising event. What we want to do next is encourage our long-time supporters to include Roice-Hurst in their wills and estate plans. We have set up an initial endowment of $50,000 with the Community Foundation and hope to build it to over $1 million in the coming three to five years.”

Endowments provide diversified funding for nonprofit organizations and can attract larger end-of-life gifts from donors who have supported the nonprofit during their lifetime. Notes Anna Stout, “Having an endowed fund at the Community Foundation makes us feel like we are here to stay. Our work involves providing “forever homes” for abandoned cats and dogs. Now we have a forever fund – an endowment – that will support our mission of promoting bonds between pets and their people, now and well into the future.”