How you give matters!

We are your partner in philanthropy and are dedicated to developing, nurturing, and sustaining the charitable goals of our donors and the communities we serve through charitable giving. We simplify the process of charitable giving, and help our donors make meaningful, well-informed, and lasting gifts to the causes that matter most to them.

The Western Colorado Community Foundation (WCCF) manages hundreds of different donor-directed funds. Each fund is named by the donor, who provides written instructions on the purpose and use of the fund. Our donors include individuals, couples and families, businesses and corporations, as well as other foundations and nonprofit organizations. Our donors can establish a fund, be involved in their giving and see the direct impact they can have on the lives of others during their lifetime.

All assets are pooled for strategic investment purposes; grant and scholarship distributions are administered by the staff of our community Foundation in accordance with standard policies and procedures.

Our philanthropic advisors will help every step of the way – from planning your initial gift to making the impact you desire.