At the age of 4, Jade Peak has no doubt about her favorite food: grilled cheese sandwiches.

She was in luck on a recent summer day when a Lunch Lizard food truck nosed into a parking lot under a sprawling shade tree in Grand Junction’s Lincoln Park. A squad of “lunch ladies” hopped out and flipped open a large window. One worker snapped a sandwich board menu into place in front of the truck. The top offering for the day was grilled cheese.

A gaggle of kids converged on the truck from the direction of the jungle gym and the swimming pool. They quickly fell into ragtag lines, and the lunch ladies wasted no time handing out bags of food they had prepared early that morning in the kitchens at two local schools. The lunches included grilled cheese kept warm in an oven in the food truck — the “hot lunch” item of the day — or PB+J sandwiches and Lunchables cheese and meat trays for those not as enthusiastic about grilled cheese as Jade.

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