We accept a variety of assets.
Please call 970-243-3767 for more information on gifts and assets.

“What I have is not enough by itself, but the Community Foundation lets me put my assets in a common pool to benefit the whole community.”

~Bill R.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to the Western Colorado Community Foundation:

Cash – is the simplest way to give and always welcome. You can make an online donation or mail your gift to us.

Stock – many donors like to donate appreciated stock and securities.  The donor must contact our office prior to initiating a stock donation and let our staff know the specifics of their donation (number and type of shares) and of their intentions so that we can track their donation received into the stock account for proper deposit credit and donor acknowledgement. For a copy of WCCF stock transfer instructions, click here.

Real estate – and other property can be donated to our Community Foundation.

Life insurance – a donor can name WCCF as beneficiary of an existing policy that is no longer needed, or consider purchasing a life insurance policy naming WCCF as irrevocable beneficiary. The latter approach allows the donor to deduct the premiums paid from his or her tax bill.

Life income gifts – special techniques such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust allow the donor to receive considerable tax deductions and an income for life. When the donor passes away, the remainder transfers to WCCF for use specified by the donor.

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