Future Giving

Many of our donors make additional donations to their funds or establish a charitable legacy fund as part of their estate. You should work closely with your attorney or financial advisor to determine how much and what assets you might want to donate to provide charitable benefit to your community.

Please remember to update your beneficiary forms, will and estate documents to capture your intentions to leave a charitable gift to the Western Colorado Community Foundation.

“The Foundation is an umbrella organization that serves all of us who care about this community.  People can make donations and direct planned gifts to benefit this community for generations to come.”

~ Peggy F. 


Ways to establish a legacy endowment:

Bequests by Will – A bequest can be a specific sum of money willed to an existing fund or one that you would create ahead of time. It can also take the form of a percentage of your estate or a specific asset such as your IRA account or a house or other types of real estate. In addition, our Community Foundation can be named as the residual beneficiary of your estate, a contingent beneficiary or as the ultimate recipient of the assets of a charitable remainder trust.

IRA or Qualified Plans – when someone passes away, retirement assets are included for estate and income taxes – often up to 86%. Funding a charitable legacy endowment with an IRA or retirement plan prevents the bequest from becoming a liability of your estate, and your end-of-life donation is made with pre-income tax funds.

Charitable Remainder Trusts – this planned giving strategy is ideal for donors who want to provide a life-time income stream for themselves, their spouse or children. The tax benefits of this type of trust are substantial. Upon the donor’s death, the remaining assets in the trust come to WCCF.

Charitable Lead Trust – this planned giving strategy is ideal for donors who want to provide a stream of income to the community foundation now, and have the principal in the trust revert to beneficiaries (typically family member) at the end of a finite period of time.

WCCF Legacy Society

Our Community Foundation appreciates and recognizes the planning and foresight of scores of individuals and couples who have made provisions to leave a charitable legacy gift to benefit western Colorado and have included WCCF in their will or estate plan. Please let us know about your plans so that we may thank you and keep you up-to-date on our activities. And, if you are comfortable, we’d like to recognize you as a member of our Legacy Society.  Thank you!

Legacy Society Members

These individuals have made provisions for a future gift to WCCF as part of their will or estate planning. Thank you for your foresight and commitment to the community you call home!

Liane Abrams
Douglas E. Aden and Lorraine L. Jensen
John and Denise Ahern
Dale and Donna Albertson
Michelle Alford*
Dave Armlovich
Tillie and Pat Bishop*
Roger and Janet Blind
Dee Blue
John Breckinridge
Elaine and Jim Brett
Bill and Rouene Brown
Lynn (Gus) Brownson
Bernie and Mary Beth Buescher
David Butler
Ed and Barb Chamberlin
Rod and Nina Christ
Genevieve Clough*
Lulu Colby
Anita Cox and Bill Ekstrand
Bob and Kate Denning
Anne Devine and Ray Cozzens
Bruce Dixson*
Mike and Mary Doring
Norman Dorsey
Martie and Rich Edwards
Ron Eichhorn
Adele Filener
Peggy Foster*
William and Kathleen Frey
Elizabeth Fulton
Richard Gamble
Jan and Mike Gage
Evelyn Haley*
Cheryl and Gordon Hebenstreit
Steven Hilbert and Phyllis Stephens
Tom and Sue Hillhouse
Quincy Hines

Laura Horan
Tom Huerkamp*
Anita Johnson*
Eric S. Johnson*
Russel and Dorothy Johnson*
Doug and Laura Johnston
Samuel and Lana Kevan
Don and Shirley Kramer
Edwin Krebs
Stan and Pam Lochrie*
John Lorentzen
Harley and Marion Maddock*
Sheila Maki
John and Janet Mayerik
Dennis and Alice McCary
Charles David McKean*
Carol Minion*
Kathleen A. McGinley
Richard Moore and Sharon Riegel
Virginia Reed Moore*
Dave and Crystal Murphy
Avon E. and Shirley F. Myers
Karen Nicholson
Mardell Niles*
Doug and Becky Noble
Brian and Joyce Olson
Tanya Pappas
John and Verda Patterson
Romagean Personne
Wendell (Del) and Nancy Petty
Gary and Kathy Pfeufer
Gregg and Sandy Pietak
Frank and Josephine Prinster*
Joe and Del Prinster*
Tony and Sally Prinster
Bill and Wanda Putnam
Charlie Quimby and Susan Cushman
Jane Quimby*

Fred and Susan Rainguet
Perry Rashleigh*
Robert Ringstrand*
Grace Roberts
Dorothy Ross*
Kay Sather
Al and Jean Schiesswohl
William Selden
Robert Shales*
Verne and Diana Smith
Roger and Sharon Sollenbarger
Charlie and Vicci Spencer
Linda Spencer
John Sprendrup
LaVerne Starbuck*
Thelma Starner
Helen Stenmark
Jim and Melissa Sullivan
Hal, Mary and Norma Sundin
Pam Szédelyi
Susan and Gary Timm
F.A. Wise and Susan E. Treece
Steve and Wendy Vanderhoof
Joe Virgona and Mary Mastin
Ellen Jo Waldeck*
Jack and Lorraine Walker
Steve and Lenna Watson
Lynn Wegener and Karen Combs
Bill Welch and Laurae Fortner Welch
Anne Wenzel and David Miller
George Wheeler
Jim and Debbie Widdows
Dixie Lew Williams*
Felicie Williams*
Harry Willson
Nancy T. Wilson
Arlena Wood
Dave and Mary Wood*

*Denotes a planned gift that has matured