CIC’s Mission: To provide a collective voice and forum for advocacy and education of non-profits in Mesa County.
CIC’s Vision: Ensure the sustainability and positive impact of non-profits in Mesa County through education, advocacy and collaboration.
CIC’s Goals: Developing connections between agencies and the community at large through:

  • Education and training
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Advocacy and sustainability

The Community Impact Council encourages partnerships with a broad coalition that fosters collaborations among organizations providing services and education in Mesa County and those business and governmental organizations that support them:

  • Participate in a unique forum to network with other community organizations on projects, events and funding opportunities.
  • Access to venues and tools to update other agencies on new programs, events, and changes.
  • Receive information pertinent to creating effective programs, organizational efficiencies, and better policies and procedures.

The Community Impact Council is proud to build on the foundation of the Human Services Council and excited to explore new opportunities in our community for the local non-profit sector.

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