Our Community Foundation is pleased to share exciting news! As of the end of July, our regional foundation reached an important milestone: $75 million in assets!
Only two and a half years ago we were celebrating $50 million in assets.
Mike Sewell, WCCF Board Chairman, notes that “The growth of our Community Foundation is so exciting to watch. Thanks to so many charitable-minded donors and strong investment performance, our total assets reached a new high of $75 million last month. We appreciate the confidence so many generous people in western Colorado have in our organization.”
The target goal of $75 million in assets was one of six strategic goals set forth in WCCF’s Vision 2020 Plan. Anne Wenzel, President and Executive Director, commented, “We’ve come such a long way from our early days to this milestone. To reach $75 million is a tremendous accomplishment. For the many nonprofits working to serve the people of western Colorado, this means we can provide ongoing funding and other resources to carry out their missions to improve lives.”
Please join us as we charge onward to $100 million!