Our Community Foundation is pleased to support the School District 51 Nutrition Services’ efforts to improve access to healthy, made-from-scratch food in public schools.  The District has been purchasing new kitchen equipment and remodeling some of the kitchens and cafeterias to facilitate work and serving areas for made-from-scratch cooking.  “The move from processed foods to made-from-scratch is a huge but important undertaking,” says Dan Sharp, Director of Nutrition Services.  “Studies show that better quality food – fresh fruit and vegetables, food with less preservatives and sodium – are so much better for our kids.  Healthy food provides valuable fuel for learning.”  The new salad bars are elementary school student height and allow students to select fresh vegetables that they will eat, increasing their daily servings of fruit and vegetables and reducing the amount of food that is thrown away.  Dan and his team are to be commended for making this transition to fresh and healthy foods at the same cost per meal as packaged and processed foods.  Their current project is to create a tasty veggie pizza crust that school kids will enjoy.
District 51 Nutrition Services received a large grant from the Colorado Health Foundation for these efforts.  Our Community Foundation is pleased to also be able to support this important initiative.