Celebrating 25 Years… Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter

The Western Colorado Community Foundation is thrilled to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2022! Since 1997, we have been proud to help our donors build and manage their charitable legacy and endowment funds, and provide grants, scholarships and leadership to benefit the residents in our seven county region.

In honor of our 25th year, we invite you to join us in Looking Back On 25 Years, to celebrate our Community Foundation’s history, milestones and the people who made it possible.

Additionally, as part of our 25th celebration, we plan to award 16 ‘Surprise’ grants to nonprofit organizations across seven counties to recognize the work and impact of nonprofit partners across western Colorado.

Follow this page and our plans throughout the year and join us as we celebrate and Dream Forward for the next 25 years!





Looking back we honor and celebrate our founders who had the vision for a “home-grown” charitable foundation. We are dreaming forward with a vision for the next 25 years – and together we can build a brighter future for Everyone in our community….Join Us!

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We’d like to thank and recognize our current Dreaming Forward Business Partners for their support and commitment to our mission of promoting local philanthropy to improve the quality of life for the people and communities of western Colorado.
If you are interested in becoming a Dreaming Forward Business Partner, please contact Kristin Lynch at KLynch@wc-cf.org
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Looking Back on 25 Years….

In honor of this anniversary, we will be sharing monthly stories, called ‘Looking Back On 25 Years’, that celebrate our Community Foundation, its history, and all those who have made it possible.

January - For the People By The People

For The People, By The People 

The Western Colorado Community Foundation was incorporated in late 1996 by a group of civic leaders who wanted to create a charitable foundation to benefit the people and communities of their community.  Herb Bacon, Pat Gormley, Joe Prinster, Bob Denning, Peggy Foster, Dave Wood and many other founders had a vision of building a home-grown philanthropic institution that would receive funds from many people across western Colorado, all to benefit the people of western Colorado.  25 years later we are a successful $115 million foundation that provides almost $5 million in grant and scholarship funding every year.  Hooray for our founders and their vision!

February - Helping Education Dreams Comes True

Helping Education Dreams Come True

Many of our donors want to help the next generation get a college education.  Our regional Community Foundation holds over 30 different scholarship funds and distributes almost $800,000 in scholarship funds each year.  With the ever-increasing cost of college, that’s a lot of funding for tuition, room and board, and other college expenses.  Scholarships allow students to focus on their studies and reduce their overall debt.  Thanks to our donors’ incredible generosity, we are helping young people make their education dreams come true!

March - Celebrating Our Nonprofit Partners

Celebrating  Our Nonprofit Partners

Colorado Nonprofit Week is an annual acknowledgement in March to recognize and celebrate the work that nonprofits do across our state to improve lives in our communities. Our Community Foundation is proud to work with our nonprofit partners to address both small and large, complex community challenges. Since 1997, we have worked with hundreds of nonprofit across our seven counties to invest nearly $36 million in grants and scholarships to improve the lives of the residents in western Colorado.  As we look back on 25 years of investments in our communities, we recognize and thank our nonprofit partners who make a difference, every day.

April - Legacy Gifts Continue to Give

Legacy Gifts Continue to Give 

Give Now or Give Later.  Leaving a legacy means making an impact that will last long after one’s lifetime.  Charitable legacies involve donations made by people in our community who make provisions for an end-of-life gift.  We work with donors who want to articulate a charitable legacy to improve the community they lived in and called home.  Legacy funds are highly personalized to the interest of our donors and allow a donor’s name and charitable giving to be continued after they are gone.  Our first bequest gift came from Jane Quimby, one of our founding donors, back in 2001. During these past 20 years the Quimby Family’s legacy fund has grown almost 50% and has distributed over $300,000 in grants to the community.  We continue to receive significant end-of-life gifts over the years, some of them multi-million-dollar bequests, but anyone can leave a legacy.  We are pleased to count over 100 individuals and couples in our WCCF Legacy Society!

Our organizational tag line is an invitation to consider a legacy donation: Leave your mark…

Surprise Grants….

As part of our 25th celebration, we plan to award 16 ‘Surprise’ grants to nonprofit organizations across seven counties to recognize the work and impact of nonprofit partners across western Colorado. Local and regional board members and community leaders will identify the organizations and present the awards throughout the year.

Canyon West Church Food Bank

Canyon West Church Food Bank

In February we presented the first ‘Surprise’ grant to Canyon West Church Food Bank. Their food bank distributes food to 180 families and will use these funds to help purchase a new freezer and add capacity to avoid food waste in its food recovery efforts.

Grand Mesa Arts and Education Center

Grand Mesa Arts and Education Center

In March, WCCF board member, Bill Welch, presented the second ‘Surprise’ grant to Grand Mesa Arts and Education Center. The $2,500 award for GMAEC is intended to help cover the costs of materials and other expenses for GMAEC’s STEM Camp for youth this summer.

Center for Children

Center for Children

During our Nonprofit Week Celebration Event: Inspiring Nonprofits to Dream Forward, WCCF board member, Dan Prinster, presented our third Surprise Grant to Center for Children. . The Center for Children provides advocacy, healing and justice for many of these children, and for their non-offending family members. Prevention and training programs are offered through their Stewards of Children Community Education programs

Pomona Elementary School

Pomona Elementary School

Western Colorado Community Foundation’s board members, Joey Boese and Carlton Mason presented a ‘Surprise’ grant to Pomona Elementary School’s Affective Needs Program. The grant will provide funding for Mr. Foach’s, Affective Needs students to attend Equine Experiential Learning through Metaphorse, a local nonprofit, This program is essential for a child’s physical and emotional development.

Colorado Canyons Association

Colorado Canyons Association

On May 17, 2022 Western Colorado Community Foundation’s board member, Katie Steele presented a ‘Surprise’ grant to Colorado Canyons Association during their monthly board meeting. ‘It’s so important that our children learn how to love and respect our public lands, and Colorado Canyons Association (CCA) offers these opportunities through both hiking and rafting in our National Conservation Areas in Mesa, Delta, and Montrose Counties.’ said Katie Steel, WCCF and CCA board member, ‘these are adventures and learning experiences they may not have access to without CCA.’