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Our Community Foundation specializes in building and managing charitable endowments for community good. This mission includes managing endowment funds entrusted to us by nonprofit organizations in our region. These are also referred to as “agency funds” and have special IRS rules and accounting standards.

Nonprofit organizations establish endowment funds to provide a permanent source of funding for their operations and programs. An important benefit of endowment funds is that they generate income through all economic climates and can be of great assistance during times of economic uncertainty. Every dollar earned from endowment investment is one less dollar that the organization needs to raise from grants and donations.

We work in partnership with smaller and mid-sized nonprofits that have limited time or expertise in the area of endowments and planned giving. These nonprofits rely on us for professional investment expertise and oversight of their funds. They also gain significant advantages being in a larger pool of funds for investment purposes. We are happy to meet with nonprofit staff or board members who are considering an endowment. Our staff and board members are available to provide technical assistance to nonprofit staff members or board committees in planning and building their endowment, reviewing marketing materials, and meeting with prospective endowment donors as appropriate.

For more information, please see our Agency Endowments FAQ’s , or call WCCF at (970) 243-3767 for an appointment.

“Our donors can have confidence their endowment donations will be well managed and invested to grow over time.  We can focus on our mission and leave the investing decisions to the pros.”

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