Resources for Advisors

Any client who wishes to establish a donor-directed fund at our Community Foundation (during their lifetime or at end of life) needs to name their fund and document their intentions in writing using our New Fund Agreement Form. Our staff is available to help your client understand all their options and complete this paperwork; in fact, we would prefer to meet with a prospective donor before their gift planning is completed. We would like to have a copy of this paperwork in our files.

Please note that a New Fund Agreement Form completed and delivered to WCCF is in no way binding. Clients retain the right to revisit their estate plans and change their charitable beneficiaries. The Fund Agreement provides our Community Foundation with something on file regarding your client’s intentions for when we receive a bequest or estate gift.

Click here for New Fund Agreement Form

Sample Language

This or similar language can be provided to your attorney or financial advisor: “I, ___ (name of client)_________________, hereby bequest to the Western Colorado Community Foundation, a public charitable organization incorporated in the State of Colorado, tax id # **-********, the amount of ___(set dollar amount)_____________ OR __(% of estate)_______ OR the assets of _______(specific assets)_____________.

These assets are to be held in a named fund, the __________________Fund_, and managed by the Western Colorado Community Foundation in accordance with their policies and procedures for charitable legacy funds.

Please remember to use our complete legal name, mailing address and include our IRS tax identification number in all estate documents and charitable beneficiary forms.

Western Colorado Community Foundation
PO Box 4334
Grand Junction, CO 81502

For a copy of the WCCF IRS Tax Letter, click here.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Western Colorado Community Foundation accepts a wide variety of assets, including non-liquid assets such as real estate, oil/gas/mineral interests and other valuable assets. Our gift acceptance policy requires the donor to be responsible for asset valuation calculations prior to donation.

We reserve the right to conduct a due diligence process before accepting a complex asset, and retain the right to not accept an asset at any time for any reason.

To see a copy of our WCCF Gift Acceptance Policy, click here.