WCCF is pleased to be included in this season’s issue of Spoke + Blossom:

“Summer is childhood’s dreamtime, a three-month idyll, a respite from schoolwork, with long days made for simple pleasures. At least that’s the ideal. For many children, especially in Mesa County where 50 percent of K-12 students receive free or reduced lunch, summertime is a hungry time.
Five years ago, the board of directors of the Western Colorado Community Foundation (WCCF) identified hunger as a critical issue. While eligible children recieve breakfast and lunch during the school year, and the successful Kids Aid Backpack Program provides food on weekends, these programs are tied to schools.
Searching for innovative solutions, WCCF came upon the idea of summer food trucks delivering meals to children in their local neighborhoods and parks. While food trucks are not a new concept, having been successfully used in cities like Denver and in rural areas, it was a new approach for Mesa County. And it was a solution that would create a unique pertnership between WCCF and School District 51…”

Read the rest of the article by Kritin Lummis (photos by Cat Mayer) here. and find a free copy of Spoke + Blossom to check out their other summer articles, if you get the chance.