As we go into 2020, enjoy a look back at our 2019 Showcase, a glimpse at some of the projects that made last year sparkle! Between the new Karis Apartments, St. Mary’s Food Recovery program, STRiVE’s new Alida’s venture, the shiny D51 Snack Stations, Harmony Acres new location, and Bray Cares Foundation’s first housing-assistance grants, we’re blessed to be involved with great work and better people all year ’round.
The Karis Apartments (ground broken in November) will help meet the needs of Mesa County’s homeless youth. In 2018, over 250 youth were identified as without homes or guardians. Meanwhile, in a single month of operation, St. Mary’s Sodexo team recovered and redirected 700 pounds of food to fight hunger. Additionally, STRiVE purchased Alida’s in October to provide meaningful employment for some of their 900+ adult client-base. Returning to the ‘hunger’ theme, D51 has set up merchandiser-style refrigerator units as ‘Snack Stations’, providing healthy snacks for school-children and reducing cafeteria food-waste. In the world of mental health, Harmony acres has been using their new location to provide therapeutic services to over 250 individuals annually. Lastly, 2019 proved to be a big year for Bray Cares Foundation, as they got off to a running start, granting over $20,000 to address housing-related needs in Mesa County.

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